WATCH: Police Remove Unruly Passenger From Flight Before Takeoff

Flying with airplane

Photo: Getty Images

A video posted on TikTok shows a female passenger being removed from a recent Southwest Airlines flight from New Orleans to Houston by police officers. The person who posted the video said that the woman was drunk, and flight attendants asked her to leave the plane.

When she refused, the flight crew contacted law enforcement. Three deputies with the St. Charles Parish Sheriff's Office responded and calmly escorted the woman off the plane despite her protests.

As the officer grabs the woman out of her row, another passenger can be heard saying, "Thank you." The officers try to pull the woman down the aisle, but she resists and then asks if she can go back to get her phone.

The officer says he has her phone and shows it to her. She continues to resist and asks why she's being removed from the flight as one of the officers starts to handcuff her.

"You're making it worse for yourself," another passenger says as the woman continues to make it difficult for the officers to take her off the plane.

Neither Southwest Airlines nor the St. Charles Parish Sheriff's Office have issued a statement about the incident.

"When you get removed from your #flight and arrested for being to #drunk #southwest #southwestairlines #cops #nola #memorialday #cameron @Southwest Airlines your #flightattendants handled the situation perfectly. They asked her nicely to get off the flight, but she refused numerous times, so they called in for assistance. The police did try to remove her without force prior to the video, but she wasn't having any of it," @kicknit35 wrote on TikTok.

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