WATCH: Dozens Of Escaped Cows Stampede Through California Neighborhood

Over three dozen cows escaped from a slaughterhouse in Southern California, causing damage and injuring several people as they stampeded through a neighborhood in Pico Rivera, which is about ten miles southeast of Los Angeles.

The cows escaped from a meatpacking facility after a gate was accidentally left open. They terrorized residents and left a trail of damage in their wake as they ran through people's yards.

"It sounded like thunder," one resident told KNBC.

The cows trampled bushes, damaged fences, toppled mailboxes, and damaged cars parked on the side of the road. One person was injured after a cow knocked him over, and several members of a family were hospitalized with minor injuries after a cow charged at them. An officer was forced to shoot and kill the cow, which was charging toward a baby.

"It was frantic, and it seemed more scared than anything, which I felt bad for," another resident told the news station.

The cows eventually made their way to a cul-de-sac, where they were corralled by local authorities. It took over four hours for officials to get the cows into trailers, so they could be returned to the slaughterhouse.

"All I know is that they were running for their lives, and they are probably free for the very first time, and anybody would want to escape," witness Ginger Gaxiola told KABC.

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